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Concern About Your Online Privacy

January 5, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

It is difficult to imagine our life without modern gadgets and the Internet. We can not spend an hour without using our devices, browsing our webs, communicating, or sharing photos and videos of our latest events. The information which we share with the world can cause a lot of problems for its owners in the future. That is why the question of the protection of your personal data has become so urgent nowadays. What is online privacy protection in general? Online privacy is the level of protection of privacy that has an individual, connecting to the Internet. It includes financial and personal data, preferences, and communication. We often tend to increase the degree of our online privacy protection with the help of antivirus software, turning off tracking, using strong passwords, and renewing the security of the sites. Drawbacks in our privacy protection can result in identity thefts and not only in it. There are several ways how to defend our personal information and boost our online privacy protection. Making several not difficult changes to your accounts and devices, you can boost your safety against third parties or hackers’ attempts to access your data. In this guide, you will find information about the changes which can help you to secure your online information and yourself.

What to do to boost your online privacy protection.

–        One of the important things is the creation of strong passwords.

–        If you want to have solid protection, do not share personal data on social media.

–        You should be careful while using a free Wi-Fi connection.

–        Keep an eye on the safety of attachments and links.

–        Do not forget to verify the security of the sites, you visit.

–        View additional protection.

How to create a strong password.

While inventing a new password, you should think beyond numbers and words, which can be easily figured out by cybercriminals. Remember about the combination of upper and lower-case letters, symbols, and numbers. Of course, it will be ideal to create a sort of unique password or use a password manager tool.

Stop oversharing on social media.

Sharing a lot of private information on the Internet can put you at risk. It is necessary to check your privacy settings and be careful when you post your hometown, location, and personal details.

Using free Wi-Fi is unsafe.

Everyone knows that most free public Wi-Fi networks are not secure. Before using your credit card, you should be absolutely sure that you use a password-protected network. Two-factor Authentication is the extra layer of your online privacy protection. A one-time passcode will be sent to your email address to guarantee that nobody but you can get access to your account. A Master Password is a special password that will be demanded to log into your profile. Your personal information will be locked behind this password.

Links and attachments.

Cybercriminals often create their scams to seem like utility companies or communications from a bank. Not to become a victim of hackers and cybercriminals use. It will secure all kinds of data such as login credentials, licences, and payment information.

Check the security of your site.

When you want to enter your private information into a website, check the top of the browser. In case you see that the URL begins with “https” or a lock, the site is completely safe. You can also check it using a “verified secure seal” or contact information or a website privacy policy.

1 account for several devices.

Having one subscription, you will be allowed to use a password manager on any amount of browsers and supported devices. You will not have to pay for additional devices.

Data import.

Transfer any data from external resources using the Migration feature. It is super easy to export from Chrome to this password manager.

Free subscription.

It is possible to use this password manager for free with some insignificant restrictions. While using a free plan, you will not be able to share vaults and items. Besides, you will not have an opportunity to form and manage a Family.

Universal KeepSolid ID.

To get access to any KeepSolid products, you may use a single KeepSolid ID. With access to the KeepSolid User Office, you will manage from there all your subscriptions.

FAQ about the main features of the password manager.

There are two important roles that password manager performs. They assist you in the protection of your passwords and streamline their management. It becomes convenient and simple to use plenty of random passwords. Besides, a password manager is very reliable and trustworthy. Its main goal is your privacy protection. The password manager will grant you the best level of safety. Your password will be kept in encrypted form.

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