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Data Leakage Protection

January 5, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

In this article we will be looking into how businesses can increase their cyber security and data protection through utilising various data protection solutions. We will unpack the following topics:

· Why is data leakage protection important?

· Types of data leakage protection solutions

In today’s world people no longer fuss about buying computers with large storage capacity, performance has become the key feature to focus on when purchasing a suitable computer. This sounds a bit like an anomaly, especially because people today are consuming more information than ever before and yet, here we are. A one Terabyte (1TB) storage computer has become an unpopular consumer choice simply because of cloud-computing.

Cloud computing is where the world has moved, think of it as a virtual computer that is used for running processes like software over the internet and cloud storage as a virtual hard drive for storing files on servers to make it accessible over the internet. This is among many reasons why cyber security and data protection should be prioritised.

Sites like Google, Facebook, and Twitter are where some of our most personal details is stored. Billions of people around the world now rely on their social media apps to remind them of the birthdays of close people in their lives, for some they serve as archives for the videos and photos they once shared on their social media, and these sites have stored in their servers, information containing email addresses, phone numbers, and a lot more about their users. While all this has become a norm, the unauthorized passage of information from within an organization to a destination outside its secured network has become a norm too, this is referred to as Data leakage.

To combat this problem, companies must invest in cyber security and data leakage solutions. These data protection solutions will safeguard against cybercrimes.

In recent times companies have seen elements of criminality present themselves to the cyber world, making it clear that personal information is far more attractive than gold and cyber security and data protection must be taken seriously. Fortunately, organizations do not have to suffer from important information being leaked because data leakage protection solutions are available to help mitigate these unethical and/or criminal attacks. Cyber security and data leakage protection today are as important as the need to assure that your vehicle and home are secured. When you have any critical info shared and stored somewhere on the net, you should consider protecting it by using cyber security and data protection solutions at your disposal.

There are different types of cyber security and data protection solutions available to use. These data leakage protection solutions safeguard important information from being leaked. We will briefly explain how these cyber security and data protection solutions work to protect you from malicious threats.

Types of Data Leakage Protection Solutions

Access Controls

This security measure through authentication and authorization limits who is allowed access and use of company information. This includes compulsory login requests which are responsible for making sure that only authorized persons are granted appropriate access.


PIN numbers, passwords, security cards, or biometrics are all measures that are put in place for access control, they are important for accurately verifying the identity of a user or process.


When plain text, like a text message or email is scrambled into an unreadable format, this process is referred to as encryption. Only authorized users with the proper corresponding keys can unlock and access these encrypted files. Encryption should be performed on information that is either stored on your computer or transmitted through the internet to prevent it from being leaked. This is one of the best cyber security and data protection solutions.

Data Erasure

When information is deleted from a computer, it does not completely get disposed and it may still be found by hackers. This solution is done through software that permanently overwrites information on storage devices and verifies it as non-recoverable.

Data Masking

Confidential information can be hidden using information masking software. This software effectively masks files by obscuring letters and numbers with proxy characters and cannot therefore be accessed by any unauthorized persons or devices. The text changes back to its original form only when an authorized user receives it.

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