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data security and privacy

Data Security And Privacy

January 5, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

What is data security and privacy?

Data privacy has to do with how we choose to maintain anonymity and privacy when we are on the internet. It encompasses laws about how information is attained, stored, managed, and even shared.

Data security is also highly important. It is about the protection of online information from any third-party access. Data security tools are used to protect information as an asset for organisations and individuals. Protection tools include encryption, masking, and automatic reporting of alarming activities. These security measures also increase protection against human error and insider threats.

Why is data security and privacy important?

Information is always highly sought after. By big companies who want to sell products and require information about your behaviours, your buying patterns, and many other aspects. To target you as a consumer, they want information about which sites you frequent, who you talk to and what you mostly talk about. They want to know everything there is to know about you and that is why your online data is so important. This is one of many reasons why data security and privacy are vital. Governments also want to know what their citizens are searching online and that is why online surveillance is at all-time high. They want to monitor your political interest and even your conversations. Your information is also highly sought after by hackers and cyber criminals. Your banking details and other personal information are what they use when they want to steal money from you or even steal your identity amongst other crimes. Therefore, it is so important to protect your data.

Protecting your privacy and your anonymity is as important as maintaining your data security. The cost of failing to do these things is too high. It may lead to dire financial consequences and even reputational damage. Whether you are an individual or a business, protecting your data should be at the top on your priority list.

How to ensure data Privacy in your business:

·Training programmes on data privacy for existing staff and when onboarding new employees.

·Invest in good security tools including VPN and password manager.

·Monitor activities that seem suspicious. Early detection can reduce the damage.

·Regularly update your computers. Making sure that all programs are updated reduces chances of hackers finding weaknesses in your software.

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