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How To Store All Your Passwords

January 4, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

Sometimes, it is very hard to remember all of our passwords and make sure they are safe, especially in the busy lives the majority of us lead. Nowadays, everything we use on the internet requires passwords to keep our activities safe. In this article, we will explain how to store all your passwords so that you don’t have to worry about the safety of your data and accounts. .

The importance of passwords

Most of the websites we navigate on the internet require a password and there is a good reason behind that. In fact, privacy is very important to almost everyone. People like to keep their business, their online activities and their information, be it personal or not, private.

Having  passwords can guarantee all of that. They  protect your activities, your photos, your websites, your chats, your payment details and they keep you protected from hackers or unauthorized users. In sum, they keep your data safe.

Types of passwords can vary from digital numbers, to face identification. Other types are fingerprint identification or even phrases.

It is also advised to have passwords that are not too weak nor too strong. Fairly strong ones are recommended to keep all of your data and personal information safe. However, coming up with strong passwords is one thing and keeping them safe and secure is another.

The importance of storing passwords

Passwords are roughly the only thing keeping your data and activities safe from hackers and third parties. However, for that to work, they should also be safe and inaccessible. Storing them in a safe and reliable place is crucial for your safety and the safety of your data on the internet.  

There are a lot of risks that are caused due to not storing them safely. Some examples of the risks are identity theft, account takeovers, financial loss and a lot more. Those kinds of risks can trouble your life and cause chaos and unwanted problems. That shows why it is crucial to learn how to store all your passwords safely and effectively. Having them stored in a safe place will lower the chances of those risks by keeping them safe and away from hackers.

How to store passwords

Web browsers

Web browsers usually offer the storing passwords option which can be good and easily accessible. They have an auto fill option that can save you some time. It is also the most popular way. All you have to do is turn this option on when creating your account. It is fast and free. However, it is important to know that it is not the safest option since firstly, there is no emphasis on their protection on web browsers and secondly, browsers are victims to many attacks from malware pieces which turns it into an unsafe environment. Moreover, if you usually switch between browsers, it might not be very convenient since it only works on one browser.

Password manager applications

A manager application is probably the best option to store all of them. It is highly secured and specifically designed to save passwords and no one but the user will have access to them. You will not need to remember them knowing that they are stored safely. Storing passwords is not the only thing they offer. This kind of application will also suggest and help you create strong and hard to crack passwords to ensure the safety of your accounts and data.

Here is a step by step guide on how to store passwords using a password manager application:

  • Using a manager application:
  • Download the manager application you desire to use
  • Create an ID or use your current ID to log in if you are not a new member
  • It is important to use a master password for the application to access the others
  • Import your personal information and data from a browser to the application
  • Export your data from the browser or any other service
  • Import it to the new service

Unsafe places to store all your passwords

Keeping your passwords on a computer document, on a piece of paper, on your phone’s notes app or in an email is extremely unsafe. First of all, accessing your email and your computer’s and phone’s data is easy for hackers and they will have access to all of your information within seconds. Secondly, viruses might attack your computer or phone which might lead to losing your data, including your passwords that are stored on them. The old fashioned way should never be an option and opting for more modern and advanced methods is best to keep your accounts safe from anything that might threaten them.

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