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Is VPN a Good Solution for Online Anonymity?

June 30, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

A VPN is a universal solution for various purposes: to hide IP address and location, protect internet traffic, or mask internet activity from ISPs. It is widely used for anonymous browsing and guarantees online privacy, security, and anonymity.

Since VPN is a wide-used tool a big number of articles describing its features and benefits appeared, settling a portion of confusion about what a VPN service can do. In this article we are going to figure out the following questions:

  • Does a VPN hide your IP address and location?
  • Does a VPN hide your search history from ISPs?
  • Does a VPN hide your internet activity from your ISP?
  • Is VPN good for anonymous browsing?

Let’s learn how to keep your anonymity safe with a VPN!

Does a VPN Hide Your IP Address?

When you turn on an internet connection, you get an IP address. This is your identifier allowing everyone on the internet to find you. It is similar to a ZIP code when the information you send can be traced back to your device’s IP address. 

VPN services, like VPN Unlimited, encrypt your traffic and adjust the route to the destination point. The encrypted data will be transferred through VPN servers located around the world and as a result, you can hide your IP address and location. All the websites you visit will see only your new IP and your anonymity will not suffer.

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    Does a VPN Hide Your Location

    As we have already mentioned your IP address is bound to your physical location. Services and apps can identify your country, city, and sometimes district. As a result, apps and websites will offer you localized content available only in your region. Sometimes it can cause inconveniences, especially when you are trying to read news websites or watch TV shows.

    For instance, many streaming services have different libraries of movies and TV series for different regions. But with a VPN you can hide your location, change your IP, and bypass the geographical restrictions. You can choose a server you want to connect from a myriad of available options and switch them whenever you want.

    Does VPN Hide Browsing and Search History From Your ISP

    Your ISP is an agent between your gadget and the internet and a big piece of information about you passes through it. Internet Service Providers can see your online activity, traffic destination, all the websites you visit, and content you download. And what is more important, this data can be legally shared with third parties, including private companies, data brokers, advertisers, and state authorities. 

    That is the reason why netizens prefer to protect their anonymity, hiding traffic, browsing history, and activity from ISPs.

    Virtual Private Network is a perfect tool for anonymous browsing. Your traffic is encrypted and routed through a protected tunnel hiding your sensitive data from third parties. Your ISPs will not get any valuable data about your browsing or search history. The final destination of your traffic stays hidden as well. The ISP will see only the VPN server, but further routes can’t be tracked. In other words, with a VPN, your actual browsing and search history are unavailable to third parties and your anonymity is not affected.

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