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Should you use a password manager

January 4, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

What is a password manager?

It is a software tool that allows you to securely store, manage and generate secure passwords. It is a vault that operates just like a warehouse for your passwords, and it safeguards your information against fraudsters and hackers. It makes it difficult for any third party to get hold of your data and if they manage to get hold of it, your data appears as an encrypted code that is impossible to decipher.

We use new passwords daily. Our different accounts (social media, emails, streaming platforms, etc.) require us to create login credentials and passwords are the most required security features for logging in. There are many requirements that you must meet when creating a passcode. There are different characters that must be used to ensure that your passcode is complex enough. Using a combination of different characters such as (numerical, upper-case letters and lower-case letters, symbols) increases the complexity of your passwords. Although having a complex passcode can be a safer option, the chances of forgetting it are very high and you may constantly have to reset it which can be very tedious.

To make your life easier, you may opt to create a simpler passcode that is easier to remember. Most people resort to using the names of their kids, their partners or even their own names. Some prefer using dates that have a special meaning to them such as their date of birth, their wedding anniversary date, or the date of their children’s birth. Although this may seem like an easier option, there are risks due to how predictable these passcodes are. Any hacker can crack your password with just a few attempts of trying to log into your account.

Should you use a password manager?

The answer is yes, YOU SHOULD. It will remove the burden of having to remember your passcode all the time. According to online experts, this is the most secure way of storing, generating, and managing your passwords. If you value security, you should get a password manager .

Why should you use a password manager?

We will now discuss the benefits that support why you should use a password manager:

1.Lots of security features such as AES-256 and ЕС р-384 encryption, Two-factor authentication, Duress mode and Convenient data import

2.User-friendly application: With one account, you can link up to 7 users making it an easy family option to use.

3.Safe data sharing and syncing: With a sophisticated encryption process, your data is synchronised across all your devices. This ensures that no matter which device you are using, your information and passwords are available to you.

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