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Why Is VPN Used And Do I Need It at Home and Away

June 30, 2022 odmin 0 Comments

Our daily routine is becoming more digital and some everyday threats go online as well. Privacy has become vulnerable since we visit the web every day on our phones and at home. How to protect yourself from ISPs and digital services that collect or steal your sensitive data for further usage for malicious purposes. In this article we’ll have a closer look and answer the following questions:

  • Why is VPN used?
  • Do I need a VPN app on my phone?
  • Why should I use a VPN at home?

Let’s go!

Why is VPN used?

A Virtual Private Network is an essential tool to protect your internet connection. It helps to surf the internet safely creating a strong tunnel for your traffic, encrypted and inaccessible for third parties. All the information you send on the web becomes masked and untrackable. 

In practice, VPN is used mainly when you need to hide your location or browse the web on your phone in public WiFi hotspots. But even at home, it is important to use VPN to protect browsing activity, personal data, and IP addresses from hackers and cybercriminals. 


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    Do I need a VPN on my phone? Using a VPN service on your phone in some cases can be more important than having one at home. We usually connect to various WiFi networks during the day and it is important to protect our devices from external threats. Even if your phone stores less sensitive data than your laptop or PC, it still has your logins and passwords, bank credentials, or private media content. Luckily VPN services provide internet users with reliable VPN applications for Android and iOS platforms. So if you’re concerned about the risks of using public WiFi to check your work email, bank account balances, or airline ticket and passport information, you need a VPN app to do it securely. Another important reason to use a VPN on your phone is to bypass censorship. While your travel a lot you can face various censorship issues depending on the country you visit. Many popular websites are banned in certain countries as well as social media services and news websites. The only thing you need to get access to the restricted content is an up-to-date VPN app on your phone. Do I need a VPN at home? Most of the users consider their home network to be safe. The chance that a cybercriminal hacks your router and intercepts your connection is rather low. But there are still risks and reasons why it is important to use VPN at home. The biggest threat lies in your Internet Service Provider. In some states, ISPs are allowed to sell the personal data and online activities of their users to interested parties. ISPs say that this information will be anonymized, but the idea is still tense. Another reason why you need a VPN service at home is to get access to geo-restricted media content. Using a VPN at home or on your phone you can watch the whole library of movies, TV shows, and sports events that can be banned in your country. Conclusion  Using a VPN app like VPN Unlimited you can protect your traffic, mask your location, and bypass the geographic restrictions in two clicks. Take care of your online security and freedom on your phone and at home with a VPN service.

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